About us

Heart and soul in every piece

We use time-honoured joinery techniques to create masterful pieces in a variety of modern and traditional designs. We challenge ourselves to continually improve, innovate, and create wooden designs that are as functional and durable they are beautiful. We invite you to drop into our Norfolk workshop and watch our craftspeople at work.

At Wadlow Joinery we design and build your commissions to the highest standard, utilising the best quality, sustainable wood without compromising the look of the finished joinery.

As a Company, we delight at being given the opportunity to work on each commission, with every job being as unique as its owner.

The products you will see on our website represent only part of our offering. If you need modifications to a standard piece — or you have a vision of something entirely new — we invite you to talk to us: our team will work with you to make sure you get exactly the look, feel and function you had in mind.

The workshop

Our traditional and classic workshop creates beautiful, quality wooden joinery of modern and classic design. Our in-house design team meticulously develops each piece to ensure it meets our standard for design and quality.

Our fully independent paint shop and spraying facilities, ensure the highest quality finishes using the highest specification water based micro porous paint process. We are able to finish in your desired colour and finish, or to match exiting colours.

Each piece of our joinery is wholly built by a single woodworker, creating a strong sense of pride and ownership from all on our team. When each piece is finished to our rigorous standards, it receives the Joinery plaque and builder signature: our guarantee that it will hold up to a lifetime of use.

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